The girl after 90 say oneself: do small three felling very good

筆跡鑑定BLOGHe was forty and successful in business. A small central out of the poor boy, fighting for more than 20 years, in a large city, there are people respect the work, a beautiful big house, there are nearly a million cars. I am 18 years old and studying as a freshman in shenzhen. We were fellow townsmen who met through a relative at a dinner party. At the first meeting, I was absorbed by his solidity and ability. High school time had a few not victory of love, lost at the same time, I also realize that the same age boys are how shallow. He is too absorbing for a successful middle-aged man. I sent him a message after that meeting. At the beginning is very polite chat, mutual care. This contact for more than ten days, he came to school to pick me up. We came in to play, I very customary took his arm. In the evening, we opened the room. That was abwww.daaidetective.comout half a year ago. Now, we get along very well. To say the truth, a lot of time I do not feel oneself is small three, but we are more like a man and woman in love. He would send flowers to me, he would tell me his heart, he would make several phone calls every day, he would send me to the hospital when I was sick at night… The most unforgettable is another time we drive on the highway, when the speed of about 100 miles, suddenly the face rushed to a big truck, he turned at the same time very under the arm to mutual understanding of my head, it is true, but that time I realized that he is true to me. Because of the nature of his job, he lives on the other side of town. After we are together, the weekend is our time. His wife looked the other way when he didn’t come home, and he was a very conscientious man. His wife does not work, every m政府立案徵信社onth he will give his wife and children a lot of living expenses, complete to their rich life. So I really felt that my presence was not threatening his family. I never wanted him to get a divorce. I just want to keep this relationship going. I’m too young to get married. And I really don’t want him to turn his back on his family, because I wouldn’t love him if he was that kind of man. I just want to be with him, have him to take care of, I think a lot of small three should have the same idea with me! At the end of 2009, he bought me more than 200,000 cars, and now our house is decorated. I am really satisfied with this life, I have my study, (I am a key university), my future, he also has his wife and children. Love each other at the same time, if which day does not love, we will be quiet break up, as if everything did not attack the same. 徵信社價錢I think a few years later, I graduated, there is a broader world. Maybe we will break up, I will find a man who loves me to marry, will not betray him. And he will return to his family and lead a plain life. Although I will be very reluctant, but we will be wise to look at all this, because after all, together, so that is enough. Actually I want to say, a lot of small 3 are not pure carnal desire money concern, there is love between us also. It just happened at the wrong time. We don’t want to ruin your warm home, and we love him too much to want him to go back on his word. And what I want to say is, although he did not say, in his heart, the most beloved person or his wife, a couple of hundred days grace, although once did not have the original passion, but love has turned into affection, no matter who can not replace the position of his wi fe in his heart.

Private detective, can the other side ask for compensation when extramarital affairs divorce?

徵信社Extramarital affairs, three words look very seductive, men and women often can not resist the temptation from outside the etiquette. Extramarital affairs also become the most common killer in marriage. The other side extramarital affair seeks my happiness, but I can only be like autumn leaves ordinary deeply snubbed pain, no branch to rely on. In order to ensure my legitimate rights and interests, we can not help asking: the other side extramarital affairs divorce can claim compensation, extramarital affairs divorce need what evidence? Private investigators will stop answering the above two questions one by one. See below for details. One, the other party extramarital affair divorce whether claim compensation extramarital affair at present is really the first “killer” to hurt the feelings of husband and wife, but in the face of this problem, “marriage law” and no corresponding compensation or compensation measures. Article 46 of China’s marriage law clearly stipulates that there are four kinds of cases that can solicit damages, including bigamy; Cohabitation of a married person with another person; Abandoning or giving preferen婦幼徵信社tial treatment to family members; Domestic violence. In addition to these four conditions, the husband and wife have no right to seek damages. If say further, extramarital affair just is a kind of fact state description, bigamy and the person that have a spouse and other people cohabit belong to extramarital affair category, just more serious. If the behavior of the spouse’s extramarital affair constitutes bigamy or the spouse cohabits with others, the other party can claim damages. According to the law, when the divorce of extramarital affairs meets the legal requirements, the faultless party has the right to ask for damages from the faultless party. But extramarital affair, it is fault square and small between 3 partake is unreasonable relation and produce harm to husband and wife one party, so, the one party that suffers harm whether to small 3 implore compensatory? The situation is not appealing at the moment. According to the rule of article 2 of tort liability law, destroying the lawful marital relationship is not a category of civil tort, and the marital relationship is not a category of civil rights and interests. Therefore, the injured party can only seek damages from the other party of the marital relationship, and cannot claim damages from any third party outside the marital relationship. Although “small 3” destroyed the affection between husband and wife, but as the saying goes, “the fly does not bite the egg that seamless”, if cheat on one side can insist to the wife to the family hold the position of responsibility of attitude, won’t fit this kind of thing. Here, I also hope that friends can resist the temptation of the ideal, maintain a good family life environment. What kind of evidence is needed for divorce from an extramarital affair? Evidence about any kind of litigation is crucial. Bigamy and other evidence often touch a party’s personal privacy, the way of obtaining evidence is illegal, or the privacy of the other party, the evidence in the court is not admissible, so in evidence, hope that friends can consult professional marriage law lawyers, so as not to lose a lot. In theory, compare the evidence of common extramarital affair to have: photograph, recording, short message, qq chats record, video, pledge. It is important to men合法徵信社tion the guarantee, as it may not rise to the level of divorce immediately after one partner is caught cheating. At this point, be sure to write the wrong side guarantee, write the facts clearly, and ensure that it will not be committed again, as one side has evidence of extramarital affairs, in case of unexpected need. Above to “the other party extramarital affairs divorce can claim compensation”, “extramarital affairs divorce what evidence” two issues stopped deepening shallow discussion, believe that we now have a certain understanding of divorce compensation. “Marriage law” and its judicial interpretation did not stop the rules on extramarital affairs, including “second wife” and other phenomena, and in the divorce compensation can only stop the divorce compensation for the four kinds of rules of “marriage law” article 46. If encounter the condition such as extramarital affair, contact lawyer in time please, lawyer can inform you how to do ability utmost ground maintains oneself, and marital lawyer also is psychology to consult division normally, the persuasion of unbelievable marital lawyer also can open your heart knot, life afresh.

Mistress rampant is not the responsibility of cheating on a man?

什麼是挖礦?礦工到底做了什麼事?Mistress rampant is not the responsibility of cheating on a man? Bestie and husband are in negotiate divorce, two people are not in the same city for a long time, the son is raised by bestie, and her husband from the son was born to now has not done a little bit of father’s responsibility, also did not fulfill the legal significance of the husband’s responsibility, let alone any economic supply. Not at all. Boudoir honey has no way to go to work, because the son is ill for a long time, almost every month must go to the hospital to report for duty at least once, rely on boudoir the old person in the home supports the life of two mother and son. Pain in the neck. I feel sm誰是中本聰?all 3 can shameless arrive this kind of situation is also arrived the level that reach the acme of perfection, oneself have a home to have a son why to make with a married man even? ! Private detective, is everyone else’s house fragrant? ! Did the mistress think about her family, her lover and her son when she took this step? I don’t think so. In fact, I think the child is innocent, but the adults have given a bad example, say bad point, maybe the child will have a shadow in the future. Say again why the son of bestie constitution is so poor, also have relation with this man. From the beginning of marriage, marriage two people sweet day is not long, after 2 years bestie 什麼是區塊鏈(Blockchain)?found that the man had a person outside, so quietly let the man consciously returned to his side, bestie feel should have a child, so the family will be warm a lot, so pregnant. Thought it would make the man more responsible. But good times do not last long, about to give birth, someone told her that “your husband outside someone, you have to pay attention to point” she also found her husband whereabouts suspicious, so and her husband big quarrel hurt fetal air, the man temporarily convergence; After two days, a woman’s phone directly broke her heart, it is from girlfriends pregnant to production, half a year during the period of time her husband has been around with thi智能合約(Smart contract)的無限可能s woman, this woman is her husband’s colleague, girlfriends suddenly eyes a black, your feet a palsy fell to the ground and was fully don’t have a drop of milk, causing back to milk, son in the mother before production TaiQi plus no breast feeding, only through milk powder addition, where a balanced, where there is a strong body. Small age has chronic bronchial disease, how to grow up later. I for boudoir honey unworthy, spit on this shameless small three and this smelly man. At the same time also pitiful is kept in the dark small three husband and small three innocent children. Private detective you say, now mistress so rampant is not because men are extremely irrespons什麼是比特幣(Bitcoin)?ible will be so.

Married less how to dissolve the inevitable peach blossom hook?

區塊鏈全面入侵,翻轉你生活的7大應用I am a 32-year-old woman, married with a child, stable family and relatively stable job. As a married woman, I don’t think it’s right. I don’t think it’s worth it. So I keep on having a good relationship with my husband. Until a year ago met a young promising, position, economic strength, driving a famous car, and smart, extremely smart and will do things, the conditions are very good man, he was only 28 years old, but for me very ordinary, I am not so cheap, know I basically can not grasp this man. Although two people are brewing for a period of time, but eventually get off the rails, go their own. But I was tempted, knowing that this was the best outcome for me, nothing was lost (no bed), but still felt torn apart and left a big blank. In order to fill this gap, I used my spare time to continue my study. Study is monotonous, and the study pressure is also big, every day at two o ‘clock a line, in addition to work is learning, this time know another small handsome boy “kai”. Kai’s condition is not as good as the previous one, but it’s not bad. He’s o獨特的數字指紋--哈希函數(Hash Function)nly 25 years old. Civil servant, graduated from a famous school, family situation is also pretty strong, pretty good-looking, not married, is in every aspect blind date, there is no formal girlfriend. I had a couple of dates with kay, and I was sure about the frequency of the dates that I would come in once a month and chat and drink tea, but not go to bed. Just a little brother at first, at most when a picture to see. But think I get along well with him, chat more and more good, then he began to kiss me, and later on the date he more kiss more deep, more kiss more domine. At my insistence, the two stayed out of bed. Because of the nature of my work and his reason, day work time can be online, can hang QQ and MSN, we are almost every day on the Internet chat, he is better to me than the last one to me, and think he is more and more spoiled me, I enjoy this feeling. But a few days ago, he says suddenly however, want to stay away from the network later. He said: too involved in the spirit, he is a man, to think about things, to do too many things. The n工程師視角:什麼是區塊鏈的 Smart Contract?ext day, I hardly saw him on the Internet. I have half a month to take the exam, now contact not much, but he still from time to time ask me about my situation, said that after I finished the exam with me to come in to play. I knew what “kai” meant, but I wasn’t sure what he meant, and I wondered what had happened to me. Private detective answer: hello, contact with the man is not wrong, but the premise is to respect your husband. You said kai was going to take you in. What do you think he could give you? Does it give you more respect, romance, love and warmth than your husband can give you, or does it only give you a moment of passion or be happier in his arms than with your husband? If be the latter, that you should analyze the relation of you and husband well, it is what reason forms this kind of circumstance, it is your marriage has a lot of “crack and be short of regret” demand is repaired; The former kind of deep communication between you and him is currently impossible to reach, because you also said that he is just a picture before your eyes. 什麼是「隔離見證」?為什麼比特幣要擴容?Even if really arrived, you should also ponder the result, why and he together can, in the husband together can’t? If be together with husband very sweet and beautiful, that why to choose even “kai”, the result that this excitement brings, it is you want deep thought. Life is about every ambitious person is full of hope and temptation, if you set up the right purpose, after the effort, the hope will be relatively easy to reach; But if you take the shortcut, to times the absorption of the temptation to start, then you will also have a harvest, but the harvest is really destroyed. As a result of not reasonable way the harvest can only be a temporary scenery, can not withstand the years of hardship. Like kai, do you have the confidence to spend three, five, or the rest of your life with him? If not, why did you approach him? These things require you to think deeply, when you find that you and kai together can only be temporarily happy, basically can not give you more warmth and need, I believe you will make more conducive to the status quo and marriage d區塊鏈的分叉是什麼?還分為軟的和硬的?ecisions, right?

Private detective, women fall victim to affairs

When I divorced and he died, my husband beat countless rivals with talent, talent and perseverance to win my favor. But as time went on, I found that in his eyes, “position” and “money” were more important than “wife”. Slowly, we communicate with each other less and less. I met Lin at a small gathering of alumni. As a plain-looking man who used to work for a company, he joked that he was one of the men who courted me, and he still “hates” my husband. Later, learned that the gentleman does not cherish me this hard-won “pearl”, his sigh with regret and anger let me innocent tears to flow freely enough. Our feelings lit up like lightning, he showed the charm of men, let me infatuated. When I divorced a year later, I urged Lin to act quickly, but he said his daughter was particularly clings to him and had to take it slow. I understand his difficulty, also no longer urge, the original heart proud I became his open lover. Not long ago I suggested to him that this kind of furtive life was not my original intention, but he put his CARDS on the table and said that he could not get out of that house… Aren’t you a stranger? Counselor: wu mei, 33. My ex-husband is a traditional, stuffy man who often argues that “husband and wife 徵信社are just living a good life”. However, I feel suffocated by such a stagnant life. By accident, I met cheng, who Shared the same pain as I did. Broke through a lot of resistance we finally divorced, can live together in half a year, I found that life and the original amazing similar, and also made a lot of trouble, for example, his money will not give me unified management, he wants to give his ex-wife and son, I, holiday in the mind is also all the daughter. The most terrible is, he always mysterious to make some phone calls, sometimes also came back very late, I several times to hint him, he was actually reasonable to say, you are not a third party? What qualifications experience I have! One word left me speechless… Why are more women injured? Most women regard love as the theme of their life. They only need to “fall in love” with their lover before they try to have an extramarital affair. They are confident of their lover’s commitment and obsessively devote all their bodies to their career prospects. However, extramarital love like smoking, happiness with endless harm. When smoking, most of its toxins are filtered to the second half, whereas sensible men only smoke the first half. Women, on the other hand, value res婦幼徵信社ults and longevity, so sometimes they know it is the abyss but also bravely jump into it. Some women into a myth, also always their own the other half as the comparison of the tool, with the husband’s weaknesses and strengths than others, than yourself dispirited and discouraged, time grows, can produce hatred, if possible, will go to look for new opportunities, like the ancient Greek story of the young man want to pick up to the maximum grain, because total feel front will have larger, more full of grain, so to give up one after another around the opportunity, only to return empty-handed. Once the relationship between husband and wife lost due balance, there is a possibility of emotional transfer under the appropriate conditions, such as the husband and wife personality, sexual life is not harmonious, to both sides of the psychological structure repression, disposal is not good, may be in the besieged city looking for friends and partners. Where the hell is the barley ear? Confused woman should learn to think deeply, to oneself “want what” and “can obtain what” want to make rational judgement. 1, extramarital affair and can not compensate for the lack of marriage, assuming that the other party just put you as a monoton婦幼徵信社BLOGous marriage “seasoning” or the fundamental need not spend money “extramarital sex”, this time, no matter how good the other party is, you must resolutely refuse, so as not to suffer greater harm. 2, tie the “fence” of emotional life, learn to cherish their other half, husband and wife life have shortcomings to timely adjust, a small hole is hard to avoid a big hole, and improve the relationship between husband and wife is the most effective way, is good at finding the advantages of your other half and love. 3, increase the investment in the relationship between husband and wife, let the idea and the period of time in tune, no harm to turn the home into a “tea bar”, “bar” and “heart”, let the home become a real sense of harbor. Shanghai beach still can try to make a few romance and pleasant surprise, old husband old wife can date all the same, just as well choose the center of dot newness, review the sweet and beautiful of first love, you can discover, the wife that still is oneself in the world (husband) the bosom friend is the most beloved! 4, even if your marriage is irredeemable, out of the dead marriage of you, can be fair and square to seek real, intact belong to their own feelings, but do not be the victim of ext徵信社費用ramarital affairs.

This marriage never made me happy asked her for a divorce. She asks him: why? All he could say was, ‘I’m tired. This marriage never made me happy.’ She couldn’t accept the answer: all I felt in this marriage was happiness and joy. Why do we feel so different in the same marriage? Indeed, she had spent six years of marriage in his favor. What kind of favor was it? The care of life from needless to say: he picked her up to and from work, to buy food cooking is his responsibility, she caught a cold and a fever, he took tea cup water night guard, she lost sleep at night, he gently patted her back, sing lullaby to her…… Not to mention her birthday, various festivals, their acquaintance, wedding anniversary, he never forget, negligence, perfunctory, every time will try hard to arrange, be sure to let her have a surprise, but sometimes still can not make her satisfied: I had guessed, boring! Six years, she is used to life in his favor, and because of the love, feel is the happiest woman in the world, and now, he wants to withdraw, to her one uttered then, like a child, has been hold in the palm to caress, but private detective now from palm fell to the ground, she can’t adjust to anyway, dare not even think about that day… And these six years, for him, is always in please and cater to a person, is a long patience and depression, he said: sometimes she angry, I coax her: baby, don’t angry? It’s all my fault, I’m damned! But my heart is saying: you gas, gas, gas dead calculate! He said: never feel happy, and dare not tell her, if I say, she will be angry, will say: why are you not happy? Why are you unhappy? You’re not happy to marry me? ! ‘most of the time, I feel that life is a kind of suffering, and I don’t know how long I can hold on to it,’ he said. Now, the day that could not go on finally came, for him, is thinking, brewing for a long time, for her, is a bolt from the blue without warning, she cried and asked: since you want to leave me now, so why do you love me so much for so many years? Otherwise, I would not be so sad and unbearable… He was speechless. Also helpless. He didn’t want to get divorce徵信社服務項目d either, but was “too tired to keep up the momentum”. She was beautiful, intelligent, had a good job and a good family, and in every way they were not a good match. He had chased her for three years, doting on everything he could, until he finally got her, and she would eventually marry him because “he doted on me like a princess.” So, she, in this marriage is carefree and free, is “no matter what he will tolerate me will love me”; He, but slowly felt tired, depressed, heavy heart and depressed…… The terrible thing was that she had no idea how he felt, either because he had acted so well or because she didn’t think how he felt mattered — she was a princess, and it was how the princess felt that mattered. Probably all the girls, have a wish: hope to meet a man who can spoil their life. And love, is a kind of how energy consumption of the emotional pattern, perhaps only in love can be done – your unruly your capricious, in the eyes of the other side is so lovely, love you, is to enjoy. But to want to continue this kind of love for a lif警民徵信社BLOGetime is against the rules of emotion, probably only instinct can have this kind of unremitting enthusiasm, such as parents to their children. Men and women in marriage, private investigators believe that if one party have been enjoying the favor, and gradually feel accustomed to feel at ease, the other side, there must be some sort of courting and cater to, and depressive, 7), the original love will slowly fade, deterioration, into resentment and burden, slowly away from a heart, cold quiet, until one day, suddenly found that, there is still no your life, more relaxed and happy… Love is a kind of equal relations, its core lies in “” to each other, mutual love and devotion, the appreciation and acceptance of each other, if only to one party in tolerance, the other party to accept in capricious, the relationship will be a problem sooner or later, or, have problem in the brewing, just you didn’t notice. Fantasy is always a man like a princess like the love of the women, to be vigilant ah, the marriage of the “princess disease”, really will 徵信社案例kill the marriage.

His wife was caught cheating on him

DASHHis wife was caught cheating on him. I never dreamed that both my wife and I were middle-aged, and my wife betrayed my feelings! This matter I am not good sense to our son and daughter to say, also dare not say, can only say to you on the Internet. Hope you can give me an opinion! Thank you very much! My wife and I got married last century. We had never met before. We met through matchmakers. At that time also did not have what marriage understanding, know to get along not a few days, met twice, and then we got married. In today’s language, that’s a flash marriage! No way. We all got married that way. My wife is 52 years old, and I am 54 years old. My wife was a primary school teacher until she retired, and I am still working as a consultant for a company to earn some money. The reason is this, last year I began to find that my wife began to like square dancing, days after I came home and my wife after dinner, she will directly come in to play, and a group ofBTC people square dancing, the size of the family things are not very caring. I don’t care about this little thing. However, I noticed that she was often so close to a young man that on several occasions she brought him home for dinner, very intimate. Just beginning I did not say what, later wife become even more fierce, chat with him in the middle of the night very long, I ask her why not sleep, her answer is, need not I tube her, her own thing oneself tube. I’m falling apart. Is this the wife I used to know? Get along with more than 30 years, now become good strange, I am very depressed. Later, after a short time, I went to Shanghai on business, more than ten days, my wife did not call me. When I got home, it was just after midnight. I found my wife a person out of the small area, sneaking, and then I feel abnormal, followed my wife to a hotel. Why did my wife come to the hotel alone in the middle of the night? Check in? That was my first thought. I hid in theBSV dark for about ten minutes when a man came along, hugged his wife and walked into the hotel lobby, opened a room and went upstairs. I immediately chase in, when I lie on the outside of the room, hear inside spread indecent voice, I furious, wife this is in carry my back to steal a man! I pretended to be a servant knocked on the door, directly the wife and the man caught in bed, the man is dancing square to know. Now I want a divorce, not to live with my wife, enough. And, nowadays, the wife still did not stop a hand, the thing that do is more out of line, still more rampant than before, it seems to be mean and I am opposite stem, become more severe. Private detective: women cheat this kind of thing, in modern society attack rate is more and more high, women in their 20s and 30s will cheat, women in their 40s and 50s will cheat, but they cheat for different reasons, some for the pursuit of sexual ease, honest life want to indulge once; Some is a husband and wBRCife life not harmonious, not satisfied, just to steal a man. Of course, there are N other reasons. Now that you find out that your wife did cheat on you and steal a man from behind your back, your resentment is certain. But calm down and think, why did the wife cheat? Have you ever had a cold wife yourself? Do you care enough? It takes two to tango, everything is a combination of many factors incurred, women cheating is no exception. Do not say to see the wife is off the rails, must choose divorce, must divorce, this is agitated way, unwise, very extreme. In shen luo mei’s opinion, there are about two reasons that cause your wife to cheat. The main reason is that the husband and wife’s life is not harmonious and the marriage is weak for many years. And, in life, your wife’s care and care is certainly not in place, so she will and square dance to know the man ambiguous, love will come in time, finally launched to the point of bed. At this point, you should knoBNBw how to do it.

What psychology is man stealing girl underwear

LINKA man stole 140 pieces of girl’s underwear. Recently, Taiwan police cracked the theft case together, arrested a man who specially stole female underwear, when the police took the man back to the *** house to look for stolen goods, the scene in front of everyone was shocked, the whole cabinet is stolen underwear, police almost suffocated. A 23-year-old man surnamed pan from Taiwan, who claimed to have neurotic syndrome, was detained by prosecutors three months ago for stealing underwear from women. He was taken to a rental house on fuxing road in taoyuan chung-li district, where he found 60 pieces of underwear and 80 pieces of underwear. He claimed to be taking advantagLAe of the door is not closed, broke into Taiwan zhongyuan university around the theft of female college students underwear. Pan male will steal the female underwear, uniform treasure in the cabinet. Pan male was caught by the police, the scene confessed to stealing female underpants. Some net friend then laugh to say, you exactly is hit however which kind? Must make to steal girl underwear to appease myself, is really enough, do you intend to send my girlfriend? Comment on: the world is big, nothing strange! There are a lot of such reports on the news, almost without exception are men commit crimes, stealing women’s underwear pantyhose, the target of the crime has femalHTe residents in the community, have female employees in the factory, and female college students. What kind of psychology is this kind of man after all? Why do you like to steal women’s underwear? Is there something physically wrong? Actually, the psychology of this kind of man is not quite normal, say lightly, this is called fetish fetish, like the underwear panty silk socks that the woman wears, like the taste above, some abnormal male still like the sanitary towel that the woman used, and the high-heeled shoes that wear. To put it more seriously, that is a typical mental illness. This kind of man, the appearance looks and normal person is same, but the bottom of the ETHheart is very nasty. Face this kind of man, prompt each female friend must keep your eyes open, prepare for. This kind of man even if married, have a wife and children, he still can’t control my desire, or continue to steal other women’s underwear underwear, the purpose is to vent his extreme contraction and abnormal desire. According to the news, the man had been detained for stealing female underwear before, but it was not expected that he would steal female college students underwear again soon, the number of up to 140, making people tongue-tied. Visible, he is a recidivism makes, repeat does not change, face so such man, our woman should contact them most, must keeEOSp away from far.

Private detective, husband let two small three take care of paralyzed mother-in-law

USDTChen li and zhang lu, this is si kongtao’s mistress! How can you, let them live at home. What is this? I am against inviting the Wolf into the house! Take care of paralyzed mother-in-law is false, bento si kongtao derailed is true! “How did they get here?” I looked angry, even though I knew it would do nothing for si kongtao. “You know, my mother had a stroke.” Si kongtao was playing with his cell phone, and he answered lightly. Private detective, yes, I know she’s had a stroke. But what does this have to do with Chen li and zhang lu? Why are these two people living in our house? I asked, but no one answered. Chen li and zhang lu are the small secretariesTRX of our company. I was not pleased with them, but si kongtao was very kind: “they just graduated, you must give some time.” I gave them a chance to stay, but not a chance to rob my husband. That business trip, si kongtao special to Chen li and zhang lu counterparts. I protested: “no!” But who listens to me? Landlady, only in name. After that, Chen li and zhang lu really separated our company. But not much happiness, because – si kong tao will they, do not know where to hide. Aren’t these two women jealous of each other? I can’t imagine three people doing that in bed. Anything for money. In order to satisfy men’s sexual desire, women have no shame. I didn’OKBt see them outside. Si kongtao did what he liked. Such a big home, live me and mother-in-law. Worker four elder sister, follow mother-in-law full 30 years. Hear, or she give si kongtao change excrement diaper. Her mother-in-law was old and weak. Down the stairs, a not careful roll down. Originally thought it was just a fall hand, foot and foot, the final diagnosis: this is a stroke, so suddenly so. Four elder sister cry desperately: “I, how does a person take care of her?” I am a national civil servant, not to mention resigned to take care of my mother-in-law. A woman without her own career is definitely not independent. And si kongtao, can you trust him NEOthat way? I suggest: “invite nurse?” Can take care of the elderly, or take care of the sick elderly nanny is really not easy to find. Si kong tao thought, he seemed to find a way: “mom, don’t worry. I’ll take care of it.” That day go off work, go home to see the Chen li that did not see for a long time and zhang lu. Si kongtao explained: “after they take care of my mother.” What, this is si kong tao’s small three! How can you, let them live at home. What is this? Of course I am against inviting the Wolf into the house! Take care of paralyzed mother-in-law is false, bento si kongtao derailed is true! “Disagree? My mother gives it to you.” I fell to the groMOLund, speechless…

My wife and my tutor are in the bath

taiwan detective徵信社Chen bin is a typical office worker, but also not old home, always flying around the country, busy to nothing. His wife xiaotong temper is more gentle, also know housekeeping, but also don’t complain about him. After all, she had a son to take care of, and it was all right for her to kill time. Only now and then, as the days grew longer, she could not help thinking. A woman’s heart is small, smaller than the eye of a needle; A woman’s heart can be big, too. For any relationship, whether it dies or exists, there is not much cause and effect. Life is like a high and low staggered song, not only when the tone, but also full of rhythm, the key is how the two of you. To the life of boiler bowl gourd ladle basin, xiaotong pours also accustomed to, just she worries Chen bin is a person long-term the life outside. She was worried that he would not be able to eat or dress properly. As it turned out, she was completely overworried. Chen bin although grow five big three thick, but also is a careful person. Meet New Year holiday, he also won’t forget to give xiao tong to make a phone call to greet. Once love isdaaidetective徵信社 wrapped up by marriage, it is hard to avoid being overshadowed. Xiaotong is very clear between her and Chen bin is no longer pure love, more is a family. The affection is full of temperature and thickness, let her think of it will feel particularly heartwarming. Once, xiao tong period. She was sick and got up to do the laundry. Chen bin grabbed her and said, “go to bed. I wash good, ha ha.” Xiaotong jokingly asked him: “don’t tease, you can do housework? You can’t even wash your own clothes.” Chen bin lightly answer: “although I can’t, but for you I can learn, this is not difficult thing, not wash two clothes.” This lets xiaotong feel special close. Sometimes, what women need is not how rich the material basis, but a solid sense of existence and security. Another time, they sat watching TV together. Xiaotong suddenly thirsty want to drink water, she has not opened his mouth, Chen bin will take the initiative to get water for her. It is such a bit of warm warm move, let xiaotong feel particularly happy at ease. She was sure she could see no one wrong. She even felt that she and Chen bin should be toXRPgether until the old, love each other forever, will not separate. But sometimes love really doesn’t make any sense. As if the cold will add clothes, hungry will eat like. If two people lack communication, the relationship will be exhausted. Because Chen bin often goes on a business trip, two people gather little leave much marital condition to let xiaotong feel very aggrieved. At the beginning, xiaotong did not go to the heart. But over time, she gets angry. Especially did not have Chen bin meticulous care, xiaotong felt restless. When she wanted to drink water, Chen bin could not pour water for her. When she is ill, Chen bin can not accompany her on the horizon to the hospital; When she wanted to see a movie, Chen bin couldn’t go with her. When her birthday, Chen bin can not accompany her side to coax her happy. Until one day, she invited a tutor for her son. This is also agreed by Chen bin. She told Mr. Chen that she was having trouble tutoring her son and wanted to get him a tutor. Chen bin agreed. Chen bin, the male tutor, also saw it. He thought the boy was young and full of energy, and he was XMRalso very satisfied with his son. Xiaotong to this male tutor nature is full of joy. In the day after Chen bin goes on a business trip, besides the son, in the home again many male tutor, xiaotong feels life appeared a touch of colour it seems that. One day, Chen bin, who had been on a business trip for nearly three months, finally returned home. He did not put the news home the first time to tell xiaotong, because he wanted to give his wife a surprise. When he opened the door, he found nobody in the living room and his son was not at home. Then he remembered that his son was supposed to be at school. But as he wondered where his wife was, groans came from the bathroom. He is close to listen to, it is wife and male tutor are all sorts of lingering inside the bathroom… Later, Chen bin and xiao tong divorced. The son belongs to him to raise, the house belongs to xiaotong. Chen bin lives alone with his son. He no longer believes in love. Of course, he did not resist love, but his heart like a dead heart, just want to bring up the son well. As for love and marriage, it’s ok for Chen bin to let nature XLMtake its course.