Mistress rampant is not the responsibility of cheating on a man?

徵信社委託流程Mistress rampant is not the responsibility of cheating on a man? Bestie and husband are in negotiate divorce, two people are not in the same city for a long time, the son is raised by bestie, and her husband from the son was born to now has not done a little bit of father’s responsibility, also did not fulfill the legal significance of the husband’s responsibility, let alone any economic supply. Not at all. Boudoir honey has no way to go to work, because the son is ill for a long time, almost every month must go to the hospital to report for duty at least once, rely on boudoir the old person in the home supports the life of two mother and son. Pain in the neck. I feel sm婦幼徵信社BLOGall 3 can shameless arrive this kind of situation is also arrived the level that reach the acme of perfection, oneself have a home to have a son why to make with a married man even? ! Private detective, is everyone else’s house fragrant? ! Did the mistress think about her family, her lover and her son when she took this step? I don’t think so. In fact, I think the child is innocent, but the adults have given a bad example, say bad point, maybe the child will have a shadow in the future. Say again why the son of bestie constitution is so poor, also have relation with this man. From the beginning of marriage, marriage two people sweet day is not long, after 2 years bestie 警民徵信社BLOGfound that the man had a person outside, so quietly let the man consciously returned to his side, bestie feel should have a child, so the family will be warm a lot, so pregnant. Thought it would make the man more responsible. But good times do not last long, about to give birth, someone told her that “your husband outside someone, you have to pay attention to point” she also found her husband whereabouts suspicious, so and her husband big quarrel hurt fetal air, the man temporarily convergence; After two days, a woman’s phone directly broke her heart, it is from girlfriends pregnant to production, half a year during the period of time her husband has been around with thi徵信社安心服務s woman, this woman is her husband’s colleague, girlfriends suddenly eyes a black, your feet a palsy fell to the ground and was fully don’t have a drop of milk, causing back to milk, son in the mother before production TaiQi plus no breast feeding, only through milk powder addition, where a balanced, where there is a strong body. Small age has chronic bronchial disease, how to grow up later. I for boudoir honey unworthy, spit on this shameless small three and this smelly man. At the same time also pitiful is kept in the dark small three husband and small three innocent children. Private detective you say, now mistress so rampant is not because men are extremely irrespons婦幼徵信社BLOGible will be so.


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