On and off more than two years, do not know whether to continue?

www.daaidetective.comI’m tall for my boyfriend, because he’s tall. I’ve been in love for two years now. He is 10 years older than me, is introduced by a friend, because my friend knows I like a bit more mature and stable people, simple matchmaking, the result of both sides feel good, in a period of time together. Tall did investment failure a few years ago once, owed a lot of debt, talked about a girlfriend before, private detective, because of inves合法徵信社tment failure, broke up for a period of time, after a few years did not talk again, because concentrate on earning money to pay off debt. When talking to me, he also confessed his own situation and family conditions, hoping that I can choose. At that time feel all still young, can slowly also, not urgent, and he has the ability, just want time. Now it has been more than two years, I also almost reached the age of marriage leave, but the other party has nothing, still need a year or so to finish the debt, I know him when the internship, now become a regular, salary is not much higher, outside rent house also want rent, itself also have no savings. His family is as poor as mine. We can’t support him. It’s all up to us. More and more feel incompetent, more than two years together, because of the reason of economy, do not have too much extravagant life, but 什麼是徵信工作occasionally small sweet little surprise also can have, anyhow lead very simple also very happy, tall is very good to me really, 100 obeys 100 obey, myself also very independent, not how to let a person bother. We have seen the parents, are not against, but my family does not know his specific situation, only know that the economy is not well-off, but do not know the money to get married do not come out, the family now urge, do n徵信團隊介紹推薦ot know how to do.


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