Newlywed night virgin wife wife do not understand sexual affairs by the husband bully

BNB盈幣寶Newlywed night virgin wife wife do not understand sexual affairs by the husband bully. Sometimes, innocence, like a double-edged sword, it makes women become noble at the same time, also become very naive. I confessed that my husband gao xuan was infatuated with me. Otherwise, he won’t keep chasing me for 6 years. Life can have a few 6 years, really beautiful love is often only a few years. Husband gao xuan gave his whole youth to me. Every time I think about it, I am filled with emotion and guilt. Because, these 6 years, we are nominally lovers, but not even a hand. Not to mention hugs and kisses. When other lovers, are wandering in the romantic romance, but we can only immerse ourselves in hard work, waiting for the humble love in the bottom of my heart. And all because my parents were teachers. My youth was eclipsed by my strict parenting and invisible surveillance. I can not imagine, in this thousands of days and nights, the husband gao xuan accepted a few sadness and struggle. School taboo puppy love, as an excellent teacher’s daughter, in addition to do a good job, the other is delusion. Yes, I also so long for love. On the night of my 18th birthday, my parents allowed my classmates and I to go to a restaurant to celebrate. My husband gao xuan bought me a lot of presents. Before leavinBITCASE盈幣寶g, he affectionately expressed his love to me: jiayi, I love you, please give me a reply, how long I can wait. I was amused by his funny appearance and casually said I would marry you if I graduated from college and you still loved me. Is such a casual commitment, let the husband gao xuan gave up countless wonderful marriage. To spend the rest of my life with me. Fortunately, we were admitted to the same university. Although temporarily out of sight of my parents, I was still radical. Even if it is holding hands, or a joke, just with the opposite sex attack slightest physical touch, my face will brush red to the ears, not free. This wonderful and sensitive little detail, let husband gao xuan suffer. Lost face in front of the guys. I know husband gao xuan is opposite me and have no evil intention, period changed, everybody is so open, some lovers know 3 5 days to open a room to go to bed of not rare also, of course also have a lot of sensible protect oneself of girl, but resemble me so radical, really very rare. I hate myself behind, but always can not rest assured. Once, I and my husband gao xuan came in to play, came back late, the husband gao xuan on the left of the school opened the room, the room has two beds, the husband gao xuan repeated to me, will not touch me, but I still insist on BCH盈幣寶separate bed. Husband gao xuan can’t, be angry to cry, he said, so many years, you still don’t believe me. At that moment, I found that in addition to the constraints of my parents, I still had a psychological disorder I could not explain, which made me panic and anxiety. In order to cover up my heart abnormal, I promised to my husband gao xuan, such as we married, I must compensate him. I endure complex mood, embrace him for the first time. He asked me impulsively for a kiss, but I gave him a sharp rebuff. The two parted in discord. Time flies, blink of an eye, my husband gao xuan and will be married. Wedding day, the husband gao xuan revealed long lost smile. My mood is very perturbed, I fear I still can not remove the inner barriers, the kind of strange exclusion of the opposite sex…… Finally, the scariest moment came. Bridal chamber spends candle night, husband gao xuan unloaded a suit of exhaustion, prepare to spend a good night with me. White moonlight streaming in the bedside, so that the whole room is filled with warmth and romance. This night, the husband gao xuan waited too long. Pure and immaculate I, have contacted a few simple physiology common sense admittedly from textbook, can face husband gao xuan naked show love, still be at a loss what to do. He approached me several tADA盈幣寶imes, but I avoided him. Finally, he could not help but force me to embrace, but I was like a rape, all the strength to shake him off. Husband gao xuan became disappointed and resentment, suddenly, burst out like my clothes torn into pieces. Then he slapped her hard and picked up a bottle of wine and walked in. The room was empty. Finally, I was tested for “heterophobia” by my doctor. According to doctors, heterosexual phobias can be roughly divided into scallophobia (blushing), visual phobia (panicking and avoiding eye contact) and facial phobia (panicking and acting unnatural). Heterophobia often comes from self-obsessive-compulsive disorder, when you see the opposite sex at forced I don’t go to see him (her) and provoke the inner struggle, or forced to produce some perverse ideas, and then you desperately want to control the time, it is more difficult to control. Husband gao xuan specially took me to see a psychologist, and bought some Chinese medicine, half a year later, the condition is also greatly improved, our feelings gradually began to ease. Up to now, my husband gao xuan has a deep apology; He watched over me as an angel from the beginning to the end. And I had no idea how he felt. Meet husband gao xuan, is my lifelong pride, I hope my illness will get better early, with lifelong 搬磚time to repay him.


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