An affair is a lose-lose proposition to a marriage

雲林徵信社推薦It is said that intimate relationship is a subject, and we private detectives can learn a lot from the relationship and improve ourselves, so it is better not to escape and end the relationship when there are problems. But for an “unsuitable” relationship, such as an extramarital affair, which is also an exercise in intimacy, should one actively work on the relationship instead of ending it to reduce the harm to other family members? What would be the lesson of this relationship? Should the relationship continue for practice? If you cut off your relationship without learning your lesson, will you continue to project consequences on others? One, extramarital love to marriage, to the end will only lose, won’t double win love is very emotional, marriage is very rational. Marriage can be understood as a pair of men and women deciding to work one-on-one to share family responsibilities and form a social unit. If a partnership is to be happy and long-lasting, it must be a double-win, so it needs to be managed. Very cruel to say, love can not guarantee marriage, marriage also when the law when the umbrella of love. Under normal circumstances, extramarital love to the marriage, is a very inappropriate relationship, will destroy the partnership between the two sides of the husband and wife, to the end will only lose, won’t double. So no matter how nurturing (or attractive) the relationship, it should end as soon as possible to minimize the damage to other family members. Second, every relationship, should be with respect, friendly and peaceful break up, after the relationship can be smooth extramarital love is really the most difficult lesson in intimate relationship. It usually induces much mo彰化徵信社推薦re emotional stress than marriage. Guilt, remorse, shame… At the same time, mixed with ecstasy, stimulation, enthusiasm. Is the love? Is corruption? Or love? Only time will tell. From the moral high ground, to human nature, to the truth of the relationship, to the evolution of life, you have to ask: what is the change that this relationship brings to you inside? What are you going through? What did you find out about these experiences? Are these feelings familiar? Or is it completely fresh? What is its value and meaning in your relationship and in your life? In my case and workshop observation, the emergence of extramarital love and its reasons are complex and diverse, which cannot be generalized. But they all have one thing in common: dissatisfaction with existing marriages. Dissatisfaction with an existing partner. Moreover, most people do have the courage or determination to leave their current marriage. There are also a lot of extramarital love, and the love of the object completely unrelated to the marriage, in fact, he (she) is just a party within the marriage to wake up, remind the other side of the props. It is the way that strengthens marital relation connection only and way. Extramarital affairs may be the beginning of a new relationship for partners who are aware and willing to grow in the relationship. Of course, for some other couples who can only see the hurt, betrayal, infidelity and other forms of extramarital love, extramarital love is undoubtedly the end of the marriage. In addition, it is important to note that any relationship that is “cut off” is bound to be disastrous. Every relationship should be broken up amicably and with respect so that it can flow, expa南投徵信社推薦nd and improve.


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