He can’t help you. He just spent thousands of dollars sleeping with you

My junior year. Travel this year to know a male, he 37, senior cadres, divorced. Ask for my phone, chase me, I love him. Say good morning and good night to each other every day, call twice a week, I did not take the initiative to call, if I am not feeling well, he will call more frequently. Because of different places, winter and summer vacation sometimes he busy sometimes I busy, so now eight times. Meet him to arrange board and lodging, pretty good, before 苗栗徵信社推薦parting will force money to me, seven or eight thousand, I don’t want, but have push but when, took four thousand, I didn’t spend a hair. Sometimes he tells me his life experience. They talk about politics, social phenomena. Use condoms when I remind you. Never had a pill. Call me honey honey. Say love me forever, say want to keep me for a lifetime. I love him and want to be with him all the time. But he would not marry, saying marriage was a prison. Because 警民徵信社BLOGI am extremely disgusted with cheating, so he said if I marry someone else, do not force me, can go out with me in the future. “One day when you know how good I am, come to me,” he said. I am very sad, sad and wiped away tears, tell yourself to work hard, and then borrow his resources, he as a pedal to life. Want to know what he thinks, what I should do, whether my idea works or not. I want to be with him. Seek smooth elder sister give directions, seek fish m台中徵信社推薦eal to give advice. I accept both the good and the bad. After work to give shunjie money, xie shunjie now free guidance. If successful pedal, please shun sister fish meal. Private detective reply: 37 years old, can be a much senior cadre, not to mention senior cadre would hand just 7, 800, the back again add two zero about the same. Son, you want to use him as a springboard, you know he is at most a deputy cadres? He can’t help you. He just spent $4,000 sleep警民徵信社BLOGing with an idiot.


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