Girlfriend and male mistress are filmed relaxing their desires in the car

徵信社推薦I was sleeping in the morning when I heard someone knocking at the door. I went out without putting on my shoes. The bearer I do not know, but the other party but light door familiar way into the living room, to the water cooler, took a cup of hot water, drank a mouthful, said to me, “ah, you do not see, what time is it? I looked up at the clock. It was half past ten in the morning. It was the weekend. “Who are you? It seems that people are not good, I naturally did not have a good tone. Don’t get angry? The man sat on the sofa, crossed his legs, picked up the white wine bottle on the table, and sighed, “what? Drink alone? Lonely…… “I was a little angry.” who the hell are you? Now a faint regret, let this inexplicable guy in. “Don’t get angry. It’s not good to get angry. I came here to tell you something. “The man said as he reached the bottom of the glass, put it down, and筆跡鑑定BLOG pulled out what looked like a usb stick from his jacket pocket. “Here’s what you want, if you know what you’re looking for, offer a price.” “I don’t know what you’re talking about. If you’re okay, please leave my house or I’ll call the police.” I don’t know why I’m so nervous, but I still pretend to be calm. “No, don’t call the police. Didn’t you always suspect your girlfriend was having an affair with someone else? That’s the evidence.” He said a few words, but every sentence hit me in the heart, can let me overwhelmed, become a serious injury. Yes, I suspected that my girlfriend was having an affair, but I couldn’t catch the scene. We were simply engaged. The day before I was going to get my license, the news of my girlfriend hooking up with someone else gave me pause. “Kui you to her so good, I also know you love for five years, you pay a lot for her, she now so to you, you徵信社 收費 hate to gnash teeth. Said the man, looking at me sympathetically. But I was petrified in situ, full of heat inside the house, but I was completely cold, the balcony sunshine spilled in, some dazzling, I went to pull the window curtain, suddenly a dark eyes, eyes a acid, tears fell down. “In fact, I have no malice, I just happened to meet just, and then candid, I want is money, you are here very famous gold collar owners, there is a own online game company, according to my understanding, the annual income less say also have 1.8 million, and I want not much, five Numbers. “He said, but walked up behind me,” like you so good conditions, and find more than enough. Sneer. “really? You say, 50,000, right?” “Clever, be frank person, you put money on this card, later automatic somebody can give you this, how to deal with next is your business.” “The man said, and went out. I was so fr徵信社評價ustrated that I really didn’t know what to do next. I mechanically called assistant wang of the company and asked him to transfer 50,000 yuan from the financial department to the account designated by that person. Result just dozen past 10 minutes, receive message, you guard the door, have a package. Open the door, a blue package is placed there firmly, open the inside is with tape wrapped a few circles of disc, put on the computer to play, is a girlfriend yes, and there is a man without face, they are in my car, endless entanglement, kiss. I pressed the pause button and couldn’t read any more. This day, I do not know how to spend, just know, I stared at that picture to see have a few hours fully, then take a bath, slept a nap, wake up, see the sitting room tidy up of spotlessly clean, the porridge that kitchen wafts is sweet, I know is cummer came, can I want how to face her? 徵信社是什麼What should I do?


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